Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Helena Price and Julianna Goodman, Norway


Tiny Atlas Quarterly is a collective of talented creatives that specializes in telling rich, beautiful stories that unfold through images, art, and personal accounts of fascinating people and remarkable places.

Tiny Atlas Creative offers travel and lifestyle photography, video and editorial story content for an array of media and marketing platforms. We can also help brands reach influencers, extend their awareness and increase engagement via our social media channels, events, and other platforms.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Magazine is an extension of our collaborative work as professionals, created on a very personal level. It’s where we share all the places we love to travel ourselves, as well as how we see our own backyards. Think of it as the after party, once the commercial shoot wraps and, handily, the little black book of where to go and what to do if you find yourself there one day, too.


Tiny Atlas Quarterly was co-founded by Emily Nathan, Liz Mullally and Jake Huffman, in 2012, with Jill Lindenbaum and Deb Hearey joining soon after. We each bring more than 15 years of area expertise and have worked on major campaigns for such brands as Google, Apple, Mastercard, Amazon, CNN, Ritz-Carlton, and Heath Ceramics and publications including Dwell, Travel & Leisure, Martha Stewart Living, Vogue Living, Elle and many others. Through our shared love of travel, our goal is to connect people through beautiful work and offer a unique take on new and familiar destinations.