01. Arcosanti

Employee housing shown. Rooms available for guests on the Southern side of the property. Pack a lunch through Arizona and head through the Tonto Basin after departure.

02. Sunset Stop
Pack ice, snacks and drinks.
03. Donald Judd handstand
Chinati Foundation, Marfa, TX

Good grocery store in town across from the auction. See the art and buy the lady fingers at the farmers' market.

04. Tumble Inn
Marfa, TX

If you are traveling through Marfa with a camper top I recommend going to the East side of town to the Tumble Inn RV park. Modern style bath house and laundry. If not, go photograph pictures on the streets and run into the kind residents that bestow their Spartan trailer to you. Make a tequila with grapefuit, topo chico, and lime, sit outside towards the sun as it sets. Willie Nelson’s biography might be playing on the local radio so be sure to listen in.

05. Rosebud
Austin, TX

Get your hands on a bike and ride through Shoal Creek to Barton springs for watermelon popsicles and a dip. There are plenty of springs in the area if you have wheels. Ask around because it wouldn’t be right for me just to tell you; It’s better coming from a Texan. Frank’s Texas BBQ and the White Horse will show the glory of this town.

Make sure you head upstairs of the Continental to watch Connor Forsyth show you how the Southern men play piano and eat the fried chicken from the trailer two blocks towards downtown.

Most impotantly; dance, you must dance.

06. Brentwood
Austin, TX

John with Food is Free Project doing great things for the land use of Austin. Old friends show up in all places and it was nice to combine old with the new. Thunderbird cafe for coffee and breakfast tacos. If you miss out there is Torchy’s Tacos is right down the street at the triangle. The library is just down the road from there.

07. Nanchez

Nelly’s Whore House on Manroe and N. Rankin The ladies still live on. Vines upon vines. Go through Nanchez, for a look at the Southern style homes, don’t stop at the taco shop for tamales, and pull into Port Gibson for talk with the neighbors and a boxing match at the West Side Theater on Main. Bed and Breakfast in either place.

08. Country Road

Drive through the backroads of this state, or all of them for that matter. Louisiana Lush. You might find a Cajun no-legged tree-climber looking to make a reality TV show. Air Bnb in New Orleans. Stop for sweet tea regularly listen to WWOZ Public Radio.

09. Blue Springs State Park

Two natural octagon pools are at the site. Swim before bed and first thing in the morning.Be sure to pack in food. Firewood provided. If you go closer to Birmingham stop at Tannehill State Park.

10. West Georgia’s Mud Club
Talapoosa, GA

Be kind and they will take you for a ride. Bring beer, hot sauce and a camera.

11. Tallulah Gorge State Park
Panther Creek, GA

About two hours North of Athens. Camp up in these parts, it’s the only mountains you’ll see for awhile. A good day hike to a swim and waterfall. The geology of the place is beautiful. Erosion, ferns and tree rooted steps. Trails maintained by local boy scouts.

12. Colorado River
West Texas

Surprisingly one of the nicest drives if a storm is rolling through, hazy light and roller coaster hills headed towards Caprock Canyon for the nights stay. Stock up on sweet tea and Topo Chico.

13. Abiquiu
New Mexico

Not Albuquerque. One hour north of Santa Fe. Keep your eyes out for men on horses during sunset. Stop for groceries in Santa Fe, but know that there are good breakfast burritos at the gas station in town.

14. Abiquiu
New Mexico

Plaza Blanca, a good place to remind you that there have been eons before us and there will be more to come. Look up OroLynn on AirBnb and stay by the river, eat and drink. Hope Ranch is a tourist trap. Just roam the hills and relax.

15. Arcosanti

Kitchen, next to the greenhouse.