Surfers’ Short List, North Shore, Maui
by Shaunna Nygren

In Maui, we rise with the sun and watch it drift above the Pacific with the waves at our back. Salty hair is fine by us. On a perfect North swell, we choose between our favorite four breaks off the Hana Highway, Hookipa Beach; The Point, Green Trees, Middles, and Pavils. Plan to rise early or end your day here when the wind subsides. After a morning ride, you’ll find me on the open-air lanai at Paia Bay Coffee, a small garden cafe tucked between jungle palms and quiet airy shops, drinking a double Americano.

The seasons on Maui are revealed by the fruits that fall from the trees—avocados in the springtime, mangos in summer, lilikoi in late fall. We drink coconut water straight from its grainy, earthy source. Our world here is verdant and unruly, beautiful and abundant. Island life is slow and easy.

Ashley’s Green Juice

2 heads bok choy
1 Bosc pear
1 cucumber
1 Tbs. peeled ginger, more or less for personal taste

Wash all the vegetables, leaving the pear and cucumber unpeeled. Core the pear and cut off the tough base of the bok choy. Add all the ingredients into the juicer, then separate the foam from the juice and serve on ice.


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